Christy Doran electric guitar & composition

Franco Fontanarrosa electric bass & composition

Lukas Mantel drums & composition

Our second CD „UNDERCURRENT“ is finished! Check it out!

Recorded live to two-track at European Jazz Legends, 07.09.2017, Theater Gütersloh, DE


The CD „Belle Epoque“ was selected under „Best Albums of 2016“ by The New York City Jazz Record, Thanks!

„…very much in the jazz from hell mode, this is as progressive and left leaning as a pro can make it without rolling off the rails in the name of ART. Wild stuff that’s not for everyone but is a new gold standard for those that like to boldly go where no one has gone before… „Chris Spektor, midwest record

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The music:

The music of SOUND FOUNTAIN is a mixture of diverse influences from jazz, rock and ethnic to new classical music and free improvised music. Taking advantage of the sound possibilities of the standard formation of guitar, bass and drums, the three musicians explore surprising musical landscapes. They use a method that has interested them for a long time: interpreting composed and improvised music as a unity.

SOUND FOUNTAIN comes with a vast range of experiences from various musical situations – each of the three musicians could readily perform a solo concert. However, they play music in this trio that benefits their individual potential of interaction and surprise.

The three personalities, who grew up in greatly different music environments, generate substantial magnetic attraction and together develop an unsuspected creative potential, which unloads in versatile musical information: haunting melodies, catchy grooves, spherical moods and abstract musical textures, but the intensity comes from each individual and the trio is more than the sum of the three individuals. An energetic SOUND FOUNTAIN!