Christy Doran electric guitar & composition
Franco Fontanarrosa electric bass & composition
Lukas Mantel drums & composition

„Belle Epoque“ was selected under „Best Albums of 2016“ by The New York City Jazz Record, Thanks!

„…very much in the jazz from hell mode, this is as progressive and left leaning as a pro can make it without rolling off the rails in the name of ART. Wild stuff that’s not for everyone but is a new gold standard for those that like to boldly go where no one has gone before… „Chris Spektor, midwest record

Biografía Español

Franco Fontanarrosa (Buenos Aires) and Christy Doran (Irish born, but living in Lucerne/Switzerland since his childhood) know each other since many years, reaching back to a concert of Christy Doran’s band NEW BAG in Cordoba/ARG in 1999. When Christy again visited Buenos Aires in 2000, 2006 and finally 2014 he played with Franco and was very impressed by his musical approach. When Franco visited Switzerland in December 2014 the two created the idea of starting a band together!

By chance one of the best Swiss drummers is staying for some time in Argentine and met Franco Fontanarrosa. In a jam-session they understood each other splendidly. Christy Doran and Lukas Mantel played in several projects such as at a festival in Austria – so the trio SOUND FOUNTAIN was together!

The Music

What music will come out of the SOUND FOUNTAIN is to be expected as a music with various influences from Jazz to Rock to Ethno to Avantgarde. The trio will explore the musical territories pushing to the limits the capabilities of the standard guitar trio guitar-bass-drums.

An instrumental version of music that has interested the band members since long: composed and improvised music plus the music between composition and improvisation.

SOUND FOUNTAIN has a huge amount of experience in many musical situations – each member of the band could easily play a solo concert – but prefere to play music with interaction and surprises – and risks. The three outstanding personalities with different musical backgrounds will have a great impact and together will gather an unimagined potential of creativity. Probably a lot of musical information; light and heavy grooves, spherical athmosphere’s, soaring melodies, abstract textures, – but the musical intensity will come from each musician and the trio will be more than the sum of the three individual parts: an energetic SOUND FOUNTAIN!